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Talk to me about the wild and magickal things in your life, that life of yours that bleeds art and poetry. Talk to me about your souls musings and that wicked delicious part of your psyche that stirs the cauldron of Awen. Share with me that Sacred and Enchanted side of your life because life is far to short for small talk and I’m not interested in what can be seen on the surface. I want more, I want the real beautiful and authentic you. But who am I to be asking such things of you, well let me tell you my story.12141983_1507184149602182_1985800005_n

I am Avalon Cameron, an over enthusiastic romantic who will trade a passion for a obsession in a heart beat because I don’t do things by half’s. I’m an all or nothing girl, a right now girl, a let’s get wyld girl. My passions are obvious 🙂 Tarot, Oracle and Earth Enteric Witchcraft, that’s what I’m known for. I love it, live it and breathe it. I lay it all out there because that’s my style, I’m intense and people are drawn to me because of my intensity.

My passion for Tarot and Oracle is perhaps what I’m better known for. But it’s not my outrageous collection of cards or the emphatic nature by which I continue to collect decks. It’s my way with those various decks that tend to leave a lasting impression on people. My decks are my kindred spirits which I naturally anthropomorphize and celebrate in detailed descriptive ie “this deck is a brooding alcoholic female with a drug problem and a soulful sister that enjoys slurring her truth”….. that was the first time I met the captivating personality embedded in Soul Cards 1. To this day that deck is up there with my all time favorites which is a big call because how can I choose from my hundreds upon hundreds of decks?… I simple can not, so I rotate them regularly, usually in accordance with the seasons.

I’ve been working with the cards for years and I’m not just saying that. My mother worked with the Marcelli deck when I was very little as did my Grandmothers best friend, I hadn’t seen a Rider Wait Smith deck until I came to Australia in 1995 and when I was old enough to afford a deck of my own I purchased The Sacred Circle Tarot, I was 18. I began reading professionally face to face about 7 years ago as I traveled around Australia. in 2012 I joined the Tarot Professional which is a wonderful association that offers a tremendous amount of support, education and inspiration to Tarot readers from all over the world. It was because of that support and inspiration that in early 2013, I opened my Etsy shop Avalon’s Apothecary  where I have the extreme pleasure of not just reading for others, but also sharing sacred space with beautiful kindred spirits.


Then comes the Witch in me, Earth Centric and Hereditary I follow the path set out for me by Eight generations of women that came before me. It was an eclectic, ragged, mystical path part superposition part spirit work witch a whole lot of herbal magick thrown in the mix. I was born and raised in Brazil where my family created the Centro Espirita Sao Joao Batista which is a Umbanda Macumba Terreiro the is over 60 years old. At age 16 I moved to Australia and will admit to having struggled for a bit here without that wild messy Tradition that was so much a part of me.

Today I practice an eclectic style of magick steeped in those traditional Umbanda roots that are a part of my soul and thoughtfully melded with my education as a Bard though the Order of Bards Ovate and Druids where I continue to study.

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When it comes to Witchcraft I tend to step up as a “doer” and being that I like to move around quite a bit, I tend to be “that girl” that starts circles and study groups for Witches and Pagan just about everywhere I go. In 2010 I moved to Thursday Island which is located off the northern most tip of mainland Australia. It was a little harder starting a community for pagan there due to the smaller population and the intense Christian presence in that particular region. So, I thought laterally and from that thinking was born The Elemental Witch which became my Witchy outlet in an otherwise unwitchy location.

In 2012 I created my You Tube channel which is now called Avalon’s Spiritual Odyssey . That same year I took over joint administration of a local Pagan group that consisted of roughly 29 pagans. By 2016 my creative witchy partner and I handed over control of the now thriving community of pagans called the Pagan Spiral. I am very proud of the joint accomplishments associated with the Spiral and it warms my heart to know that we turned a group of just 29 into a beautiful Pagan community numbering in the 400’s.

Which brings me to now, nowadays all the seeds that I had planted in the past have grown into beautiful “somethings” making me the incredibly busy Avalon Cameron that I am today. Now, I have my little witchy fingers dipped in many Tarot and Witchy pies and am so excited at what lies ahead for me.

My passion for divination keeps me connected to spirit and my love of nature keeps me grounded. I am also a mother of three beautiful little ones and wife to “Mad Gardener” and I live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. I’m blessed, some might even say that I live my own personal charmed life where all things are in flow and life is pretty damn good!

My life is dynamic and I live it passionately, come see for yourself 🙂

Big love and thanks so much for stopping by.

Avalon Cameron xo







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