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The Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot Deck

I invite you take take a step into the primeval world of Bonestone & Earthflesh. A place rippling with violent confrontations that monstrously challenge the modern human construct of how things should be. Here in this place of vibrant cornucopias a sovereign legacy is screaming to be heard, those listening will find the Sage, layered in 79 cards you will find the Sage.This non traditional 79 card deck is the first Tarot deck to be created Live on YouTube.


Witch, Cardslinger, Spirit Worker, Tarot Creator, Writer, Teacher & Creative Soul



Hello & Blessings Beautiful Soul

My name is Avalon Cameron and this is my mystical little corner of the internet. 

Hey there BEAUTIFUL SOULS and Welcome back to my channel. I would LOVE to be able to add a thoughtful description of this video right here for you, but alas, it's such an out of control ramble that I gave up LOL This video DISAPPEARED on me!
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Working the Witches Web

Working the Witches Web is a Tarot Masterclass created for the Tarot Readers Academy's Tarot Summer School. This course focuses on harnessing a sense of meaningful and mindful ritual and utilising the Tarot as a sacred tool of the Witch.


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Patreon is a space where I share the following: family adventures, Off-Grid Living, Zero Waste, Tarot, Witchcraft, Spirituality, Travel, Mindfulness, videos, photos, blogs and more. It's such a fun and friendly place and supporting me on Patreon means I can buy more Solar Panels, A Yurt and start work on my second Tarot deck which is AMAZING!

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Ritual Tarot

In 2017 I was asked to create a Tarot Master Class for Tarot Summer School. And so was born Ritual Tarot, a Tarot course designed for the natural mystic. Ritual Tarot is now available through The Tarot Readers Academy

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Spread This Witches

If you have never heard of Spread this Witches, then i HIGHLY recommend you check it out. Particularly if you love, Tarot, Oracle, Divination, Witchcraft, Spirituality etc. This show is rated R+ for a reason folks!



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Spirit work is a craft that demands honing and practice. Doing it for other people can be quite tricky as well, but Avalon respects her duty as a spirit worker and has taken the time to get her craft down to what is required to do spirit work well. She's amazing, strong, graceful, caring, grounded, and insightful. The reading I purchased from her was immensely helpful, and I feel honoured to have shared sacred space with her. She values quality in all that she does! I'm highly satisfied with the services she fulfils. - Jay - 23 Mar, 2018

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Holy Cow! I can't even describe how beautiful this reading was. Avalon is no joke! She pays so much attention to every detail, from the set up of her space, the decks she uses, to selecting oils, blends, and smudges to direct and focus the energy for the theme of the reading. Her intuition is incredible and I loved that she pulled a final card from a deck that had little mantras on the bottom of the image as a little bonus. I have purchased video sessions with her before and I cannot begin to recommend her enough. So much love and magic here!! Erin V. - 03 Feb, 2018

5 star review by amber

5 star review by amber

You will have no regrets about getting a reading from Avalon. She is incredible at reading tarot and oracle cards and is a very sweet & wonderful person. My reading was thorough went above my expectations. I also loved her use of stones, oils, and feathers during my reading. Amber - 04 Apr, 2018

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