The Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot



The Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot is now well under way! As of June 2017 the Major Arcana was almost complete and pre-orders would soon be available. How far we have come! The deck has taken on so much life, magick and community input. We decided many months ago to share this creative journey and the coming to life of this deck through by-weekly LIVE Google Hangouts. Each hangout is bursting with life and community input, education, authentic sharing and creativity. You really should stop by and join in! To be notified of these Live Hangouts, you can head to my You Tube channel and click on the little bell, this will enable you to be notified. You could also join our Bonestone & Earthflesh Facebook group which dedicated to regular deck up dates and plenty of sneak peeks. That’s right! out Bonestone Tribe see it all first. So if you want to stay in the know then head on over and request to join.




So Far we have quite a few Major Arcana cards completed. As such we will begin our work on the the Minor Arcana in July to early August. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

Watching this deck spring to life in such a dynamic way is a true act of divine magick. I just love it! You really should join us! IT’S SOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!

I have attached a few Live Playbacks for you to see what goes on. The community is pretty dedicated and lively so the atmosphere is just magickal and the thoughts, conversation and general vibe is brilliant and really add to the creation process.





Keep an eye out for more Bonestone News! We have something fresh and new on the go all the time! Ana the artist loves to showcase her process and so she oftentimes provides little behind the screen time-laps style videos to show you the creation of the card from an artistic point of view. It’s very cool!

Big love,


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