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I am known on You Tube as Avalon “that chick with tons of decks that says fuck a lot”. It’s true folks, I do! Having said that You Tube for me is more then just a place to gush over decks whilst muttering profanity, why that would be both rude and unadulterated consumerism wouldn’t it! SO I Try… remember “try” is the operative word here, I try and talk about those things that are my bliss and that make up a large part of who I am. I collaborate with others, share content and thoughts, comment, exchange ideas and above all else I build community. I’m a part of the You Tube Tarot Community and the You tube Pagan Community which do cross over quite a bit from time to time. I also like to throw in a sneak peak of my journal collection as I like to plan and am a bit of a stationary lover and lets please not forget the crystal show and tells or those sporadic nature musings.Β  Yes, You Tube is a my quirky little place that I like to visit often πŸ™‚

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Avalon Cameron