Readings & Oracular Sessions

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Would you like a to share sacred space, have a reading or perhaps a one on one with me? 11917831_505212736320153_302224150_nIf the answer is YES!  Then click this link and head on over to my shop Avalon’s Apothecary on Etsy.

There you will find a plethora of reading, oracular sessions and Skype consultations to suite your needs.

Would you like me to engage in a little Spirit Work to Find out who you Matron, Patron or Spirit Guide is and what they may have to say? Then head on over to my shop!

etsyWould you like me to INSPIRE or GUIDE you in an area of your spiritual practice? Then please book a Live 1 Hour Skype Session with me through my Etsy Shop

If you would like to work with me on a personal project then please email me at

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 Avalon Cameron xo