Work With Me

Hey There Grand Creator!

How awesome that you are here and congratulations on the production or completion of your creative endeavor, you must be feeling on top of the world!

So how can I help you? Well let me tell you how….Aside from being a multipationate  professional ethical holistic Tarot and Oracle reader and Spirit Worker, I am also a writer12071028_827390584043033_561467006_n and reviewer. I have unboxed and reviewed hundreds of items most specifically decks although I have done the odd book, statue, oil, incense etc.

Now there is no doubt about it, I’m and HAPPY, BUBBLY, ENTHUSIASTIC individual. My natural enthusiasm attracts attention which is something that I have discovered over my time on You Tube.  When I unbox a deck or showcase an item, I get a lot of attention, lots of questions, lots of oo’s and ahhh’s and quite a few comments and thumbs up. I get people excited about things and that in turn works out very well for those creators and artist out there who want to attract attention to their passion project. If you would like me to review a deck or other creation then please email me at: 20160428_133012

I ask that you introduce yourself, tell me about your creation and share your story. I will decide then if your deck is for me, if it is something that I can get excited about, if it’s not then I hope there is no hard feelings, we all have our own individual tastes and we all see beauty in different and interesting ways.

My work as a writer is something that I adore. I journal daily for myself and take mIMG_20160414_160832_wmy Midori Traveler’s Notebook everywhere I go. I find writing to be therapeutic and liberating and am constantly encouraging others both clients and friends to either take up journaling or to journal more. Aside from journaling I  write for local and national publications, e-mags, IMG_20160315_165626_wmblogs etc. My style of writing is I’m told, romantic, a by product of my long standing love affair with English and American poets of the   1700 and 1800’s.

If you are interested in using my writing or having me write for you in some beautiful way, then please send me an email outlining the project to

Just know that I strongly believe in the power and magic of collaboration and co-creation. And I wish you tremendous success with your creative endevours.

Many blessings to you.

Avalon Cameron