Sacred Adornments

Sacred adornments are most certainly a “thing” for me. This idea of enchanted jewellery goes back to childhood and the sense of wonder that took hold of me whenever I saw a locket or bejeweled something.

Now that I am older and a mother, I see that same sense of wonder with my oldest daughter. The way she looks at jewellery is frighteningly similar to the way that I view jewellery and that in itself, is a beautiful thing.

I’ve never yearned for diamonds, I’m not a fan of gold. I’m not really all that taken by faceted stones. I like my sacred adornments to reflect a sense of art and enchantment. Such creations are what I would call, power pieces and are what I will wear most of the time.

I am rather deliberate when it come to choosing my adornments for the day. Choosing, requires me to take a moment to tune in, to hold the piece in my hand, to truely feel it, to ask for its aid and accept its medicine. It is a simple sweet and divine practice.

I cleanse, concentrate, and empower my adornments according to prevailing energies. And I do so in the most natural of ways. My power pieces are bathed in waterfalls, rivers and creeks, rested on the roots of old trees, charged on ancient moss covered stone. They drink in the magick of ritual, of sabbath gatherings as the wheel spins slowly around. They bask in the light of the moon and sometimes even the sun, they know the sound of drum, Tibetan bowl, bell, voice, nature in all its wonder.

Acknowledging the sense of sacred in my adornments is part of my practice as an animist. It is an important practice that keeps me centred and empowered throughout my day.

How are with your adornments? Are adornments important to you? Do you have a practice that connects you with your adornments? Or are adornments just not your thing?

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