The funny thing about instant magick

Is Magick Instant_

Let me preface this post by saying that the magickal concept which surrounds the topic of instant magick is not what I am referring to here. On the spot “find me a parking space” spells or Penczak’s book “Instant Magick”, are not the types of practices I am referring to here. What I’m referring to is magick in the sense of spells, spellcraft and the processes involved in constructing a successful spell. Now that I have explained myself a little bit, let,s get into it.

The idea that magick is an instant cure for all that may ail you, has always been a source of great amusement to me. This idea of instant magick with zero effort has existed for the longest time. How long exactly, well I’m able to say, but I posit that such a thought process has been around since the dawn of the human age, humans can be quite lazy and entitled when they want to be. I jest of course, but chances are, I’m not wrong. Comical speculation and outlandish sweeping statements aside, the idea of instant magick is most certainly a popular piece of misinformation floating around human consciousness.

Personally, I find such a concept demonstrative of blissful ignorance, perhaps even simple delusion born out of pop culture or those very stressful “crunch time” situations that see even the godless on bended knee praying for a miracle.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging, I’m simply making an observation.

With this said I would like to make a little statement, magick is not for instant gratification. Magick is about bending the odds in your favour. It levels the playing field and gives you the upper hand. The rest, however, is all up to you. Magick is not the easy fix, it’s not going to deliver you any results unless you are prepared to co-operate. And what I mean by co-operating is to do the work. If you want to find love, then yes, do your love spell, then get out there and place yourself in a situation that will align with your spell. Don’t stay home and wait for a lover to fall in your lap, anoint your phone with some come-to- me oil and start swiping if that’s all you can manage. If you want that dream job, then do your spell and follow that up with positive actions that align. Apply for jobs, go to networking events, upskill, in short, do the work.

Basically what I’m saying here is to work your magick. Don’t take a bloody holiday, get in the game. Your magick will give you the edge that you need to succeed. But, work is part of the deal. The amount of time I find myself saying “do the work” is astounding to me. I’m not sure exactly why this is my go-to response to many situations of late. But I do know that doing the work is imperative in the practice of witchcraft. It is, after all, a craft, something that one does. A fundamental lack of resolve is the Kryptonite of magick.

Approaching magick as though it were fast food diminishes its legacy. By miscalculating, underappreciating or being flat out ignorant of magick, that doorway to the infinite potential that is magick, slams shut in your face. And when I say infinite potential, I mean it!

To turn to magick when you have done little if anything at all to help yourself out first is just one of the primary reasons that a spell might fail. A spell needs energy to work, an energy that goes beyond that which is typically invested directed into a spell. If you were in a situation where you were trying to have a baby, then the energy of sex is, in many cases implied. But maybe sex didn’t work for you so your alternative may be a physical trip to a fertility clinic to discuss IVF or perhaps a trip to an adoption agency is right for you and your personal circumstances. Either way, these three pathways are in direct alignment with your goal. By investing time (energy), money (energy) emotion (energy) and so on, you are in essence “feeding” your spell by acting in accordance.

But let us just say, for argument’s sake, that you are wanting a baby and you are planning a spell to get yourself a baby of your very own yet,  you have done none of the aforementioned or anything else in alignment with your goal in order to set the foundation for your magickal work. Instead, you sit on the couch, watching  TV, eating junk food doing fuck all about anything only to later be disappointed that your spell did not yield the results you may have desired.

Magick must be fed, it must be fed energy in order to succeed. You could say that the “spirits” must be satisfied in order to create favourable conditions for the work to be done. Magick must be fed intention and action that directly align with a goal. Setting a strong foundation for a spell is just as important as the spell itself. Cutting corners, half arsing or altogether skipping ‘the work” will yield very little. In short, you get out what you put in.

Casting a spell to pass an exam that you haven’t studied for because you’ve been busy living it up, is very likely to fail. By leaving things to the last minute, you inadvertently disqualify your magick, it’s too late for you. Magick is not the fix it all like I have already said, it’s not the fairy godmothers wave of a wand or the three wishes granted by a genie. Magick is real life, not fan fiction, it takes quite a bit of common sense and is, for the most part, pretty practical. If you want magick to do right by you, then you need to do right by magick. Do the work, cast your spell and celebrate your efforts completely

Magick as an afterthought can be a whole lot of disappointment, which can, in turn, lead to disbelief in magick altogether. This is pretty damn sad if you ask me and all because a fundamental understanding of how magick works was not known prior to fully embarking on one’s magickal pursuits.

But this, of course, is just my perspective. Each practicioner has a different idea of what magick is or isn’t. My own understanding of magick has evolved so much from my childhood or pre-teen ideas about magick to where I stand now… What I’m sharing with you here is what I know to be true for me and I would LOVE to hear your own thoughts and ideas about magick. What is true to you?



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