Are you a beacon? A lighthouse? Are you energetically attractive?

This morning, I was gifted with approximately 40 minutes to myself. 40 minutes to have a quiet breakfast without the kids and husband. Obviously, I was excited and savoured the thought of time to myself – which for me is rare but – utterly necessary. I head to my favourite cafe which had just opened. I chose a seat in a “far off place” away from the doors both front and back, away from the counter, away from the typically busy areas which I know all too well.

About 10 minutes after I had sat down and made myself as comfortable as is appropriate when one is in public. I noticed that a group of 4 had sat directly behind me. I mean, there were so many other vacant tables of 4  available away from me, but no, they decided to sit right behind me. So close in fact that the backs of our chairs would touch when either of us moved.

Then, right in front of me, smiling and giving me a friendly nod was an older couple, to my right sat a group of 6 and before long there would have been nearly 30 people seated around me while every other section of the cafe was empty. Why? I thought to myself. Why do you need to sit so close to me when there is so much available space around me?

As I pondered this internal question I remembered that just a week ago I went on a very rare movie date with my hubby while we were on the Central Coast of NSW to see a great Aussie film called Three Summers. I had booked our seats online choosing seats far away from the only other couple in the theatre. It didn’t take long and a few other groups of people came in and guess where they chose to sit. With so much room in the theatre, just take a wild guess at where they chose to sit. Yep! behind me, in front of me and beside me. With all that space at their disposal, they wanted to snuggle!

So I realised just today at the cafe, how many times this sort of thing happened to me. I also realised how long it took me to identify this behaviour and that at certain points in my younger life, I wouldn’t have cared so much. But now, I bloody well care.

Right then and there I pulled out my Midori Traveller and began sketching to help distract myself from the bothersome feeling of was immersed in. I didn’t want to ruin my kid-free 40 minutes feeling resentful that strangers had chosen to sit really close to me. And as I sketched I relaxed a bit and as I relaxed my intuition began to flow as it naturally does and I received an image of a lighthouse, followed by an image of a bright light like a beacon. I closed my eyes and waited for more images but that was all I got. A lighthouse and a beacon which to me are essentially one and the same.

By that stage, it was time for me to go. I had to be back at the little theatre company where my oldest daughter was about to perform in her very first theatre production. As I walked back to my destination I pondered the concept of being energetically attractive, essentially a beacon and how that concept seemed, in part, to explain why complete strangers subconsciously gravitated to me.

Now, I will admit to being a pretty happy sort of a person. I smile and laugh a lot. I’m polite to others and prefer to treat others as I myself would like to be treated. My mother raised me right in that sense, I have very good manners. But these factors while being of value are not the grand explanation I was looking for. My manners or occasional lack thereof were not something that could be observed by those in passing. They may be felt energetically, but not necessarily observed, at least not in every circumstance where this gravitational occurrence took place.

Now that I am home and have had quite a few hours to think about this, I  feel that what happens to me is a result of energetic attractiveness. Which I suppose makes sense considering the type of spiritual practice I keep. More then that though, I care for myself. I groom myself and eat pretty good, although nutrition for me is an area I need to be far more consistent with.  And then, of course, there is the work that I do, I’m a creative Mystic you could say. I work with sacred tools and Spirit in its many forms. This type of work, this type of lifestyle, this type of spiritual practice has a resonance and with it a light. So I suppose I shine. In an energetic sense, I am a beacon or a lighthouse

Now it’s important for me to note that I don’t resonate with the term “Empath” believing instead that we all are empathic, we are just on a different level of the spectrum so to speak.  I also do not resonate with the term “Lightworker” for it has connotations that I simply do not resonate with. And lastly, I would not call myself a healer per-say. Do I have the ability to heal, the answer to that is most certainly yes, but then again, don’t we all?!.

I am a Witch and I do not devide the world in shadow and light, good or bad, high low, fat or skinny. I believe that we each have a universe of potential inside us all and that we chose to develop what interests each of us individually.

I suppose that my conclusion to this would be to say the being energetically attractive can be relativly lable free. In fact, I feel that it is a byproduct of doing the work, really doing the work. Of those like myself dedicating time to the development of our spirit through traditional and not so traditional methods. I feel that energetic attractiveness is a by-product of spirit. The mark of spirit, the touch of spirit, being spirit lead. Whether by choice or divine responsibility as is sometimes the case, the path of the mystic screams at us with an intensity that could shatter glass. Perhaps the light I speak of is the result of a magickal hangover. I rather prefer the idea of a magickal hangover only instead of the dehydration, pounding headache and the desire for eggs benedict. A magickal hangover has a tendency of leaving me with a glowing disposition, a sparkle in my eye and a spring in my step.

I could spend all day speculating about this. What I do know is that in each and every one of the situations I can recall where this gravitational experience took place. I was not left drained or depleted, irritable, lightheaded, confused etc. I did, however, feel annoyed. I like my own space, I like plenty of space and this weird little occurrence is rather bothersome to me.

3 thoughts on “Are you a beacon? A lighthouse? Are you energetically attractive?

  1. closerwalking

    I think when you are living life fully, following your true path, this is sexy, attracts people to you in beautiful ways. life affirming ways. Perhaps they come close to give you energy. It’s been my experience that when i am following my path, when I say huge yes through my whole being to life, harmonious forces rush in all sorts of shapes and ways.

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  2. Felecia

    I’m not surprised, when I watch you on you tube I get giddy with happiness lol.. you are radiant and that type of energy is a blessing, perhaps when you have a more free opportunity like a few days or so you can plan a quiet time just for yourself…. in the meantime keep glowing my friend 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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