The “Evil Eye” is alive and well.

Protective magick is not something that I hear talked about as much these days as perhaps I used to, at least not in my part of the world. This observation stands in stark contrast to other parts of the world, parts of Asia, Latin America, Central America, Europe etc still hold firm to their belief in the Evil Eye, a fact demonstrated by a variety of cultural Amulets and Talismans still in use today. An Example of these are the Turkish Nazar, Jewish Hamsa, Brazilian and Italian Figa (as a hand gesture in some parts and Amulet in others), The Italian Horn, Egyptian Eye of Horus to name but a few. Aside from Amulets and Talismans, you have charms made from herbs, roots, bones etc to assist in the removal of the evil eye from one’s person or for the use in apotropaic magick. And then, of course, there is the small fact that most cultures have a word for the evil eye in their language.

Moving on, however, where I live right now, this being FNQ Australia, the subject of the Evil Eye is no existent. At least to my knowledge. I’m pretty sure the local indigenous tribe will have a term for the evil eye but if they do, it is unknown to me.  When talking to fellow witches, pagans, mystics etc, the term is rarely if ever used and the belief in it is, at least from what I have observed, non existent. But here’s the thing, the Evil Eye is alive and well and this little fact has made itself known to me over the last 2 months in the way of some rather bizarre and not very nice occurrences and was cemented just today during a conversation with two fellow witches, one who is located in the States and another who is located in another part of Australia to me.

So, of course, this prompted a healthy discussion on the subject and what I found was I have become complacent as a Witch, a realization that while brutal required rapid acceptance in order to dive head first into remedying this rather prodigious deficiency. Yes, Avalon, the complacent Witch is in the house, shamefully hanging my head while practically hearing the hisses of my potentially ashamed ancestors. Dramatic? Perhaps, But NOT WRONG.

Now many know that I was born and raised in Brazil and Brazil is a place that believes in the Evil Eye. Not just that, Brazil is a place that believes in Curses, Hexes, Witches, Demons, Spiritism, Fortunetelling, Spirit Possession, the list is indeed endless. So as a child and well into my teens, the concept of the Evil Eye was something that was part of my everyday life and something that I made efforts to guard myself against, a habit hammered into me by my elders.  Fast forward a few years after moving to Australia, in the mid 90’s I was essentially removed from that ingrained belief in the Evil Eye and thrust in a nice, clean, sunny existence, where things like witchcraft and occult activity were nowhere to be seen.

I have now been in Australia for about 20 years and suffice it to say, my defensive magick skills are practically defunct. Why? because without the constant reminders of Evil Eye’s, Evil Doers, hexes, curses and the full gamut of darker arts, I had started to simply,  not believe. In fact, in the last four or so years, I’m quite certain I could be found uttering such things as “If you keep your vibration high…”. I’m eye-rolling hard at myself while simultaneously shaking my head. Who have I become?   I’m certainly not the witch I used to be and that makes me a little sad.

Protection magick was one of the very first things I was taught. It was certainly the very first acts of magick I observed. Glasses of water with pieces of coal, Figa’s made from sacred woods and crystal were plentiful, onions in the rooms, charms tucked out of sight, statuary and altar to the Orixa were all present in my home, a home that seemed to explode with magick. I went home a year or so ago and my childhood house and its charms were still in place, a testament to the solid, unfailing belief in the dark side of humanity and the ever-present and unpredictable world of spirit that exists between the horns.

Now an argument could indeed be made about the unhealthy nature that a fixation on the “dark side” of the occult could have on the human psyche. Could such a fixation draw to a person the very thing they are fighting to repel?  Perhaps. The law of attraction says yes, but personally, I do not place much stock in the law of attraction and that’s all I’m willing to say on the matter. But I digress.  I believe that a fixation on anything is unhealthy and that too much fear or that myriad of questions that resemble the age-old “What if” can’t be all that good for your psyche either.

Does any of this mean that taking protective measures to shield oneself in a “just in case” capacity is unnecessary? FUCK NO! Taking preventative measure is just plain smart and can help to minimise and in some instances completely avoid succumbing to an act of offensive magick. It’s a “better to be safe than sorry” scenario I’m afraid. But where does this, my thinking stem from?. Let me paint you the picture that I see and you can choose whether you agree or not.

Before I launch head first into the subject, I would like for you to remember the term “Sympathetic magick”.

K! now let’s get into it. How much of yourself do you put out there for all the world to see? How many photos, videos, snaps, live streams, written material etc is there, of you or created by you available digitally for anyone to see? Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo and a whole slew of other social media or connectivity centered apps have made you, GLOBAL! Not just global but totally open to public scrutiny. Now most of us can to reasonable extents can handle the public scrutiny that our own culture throws at us, but we are no longer talking about just our culture, that would be demonstrative of a micro perspective, we are talking macro perspective here. And there is no way that I, a Brazilan Witch living in Australia can preempt the tsunami of reactions coming from various people of various cultural and or religious backgrounds triggered by yours truly. So how can I be certain that what I’m saying, photographing or writing about is not going to really negatively trigger a whole bunch of people in a different part of the world? A part of the world that perhaps fancies a little magick , now what effect could that have on me?

Take a YouTuber like myself or any other and add the modern day digital abortion that is Trolls. What effects do you believe that a troll could have on me? Their hateful nature, vulgar comments, and perpetual presence a very real thing. Yep, trolls are real, these cyber bullies are constantly watching you or me and directing their cowardice our way. What about the average person, the one that has a few social media accounts and who follows others they like and or admire. What if one day, that type of individual decides they want to be like the person they are following on social media? How long does it take for like to turn into admiration and admiration obsession? I don’t know? but it sure does happen, we need only look at the world of music and the sycophantic behavior of fans or the world within a world that is modern day Hollywood and its glitz, glamour grossly inflated wages and overall toxicity.

The Evil Eye in some instances can be rather unintentional in other instances it can be purposely directed. It can manifest naturally, for the most part, adoration, jealousy, envy and so on, which after a point can go array. It’s desperately wanting what another person has, it’s being resentful of a co-worker who received a promotion and associated salary bump that should have gone to you. It’s secretly wanting a friend’s girlfriend/wife or a neighbor’s fancy car, the body of a victoria secret model and so on or resenting your acquaintance and their pregnancy news when you have been trying to conceive for the longest time. It’s these scenarios and others in overdrive. Take that thought, add sympathetic magick and an average individual’s digital presence and boom! There is a likeness of you that anyone can anchor to whether for good or for ill.  And in sympathetic magick, if it looks like the thing, it is the thing. Scary right!

I’m in the middle of creating a Tarot deck and you would not believe the type of attention I get because of it. And then, of course, there is the full array of reactions when unveiling a new card and its image. It’s indeed interesting work fraught with moments that have me shaking my head in utter amazement that people can be sooooooo…. well… cunty. But sadly they are out there and these types of people like to hang out with our old friend the Evil Eye. Yep, they are out there fulfilling important cliches such as the frenemy, insidious in cliques, flourishing in the world of social media and just media. And this is just one example.

I had forgotten how powerful of an emotion jealousy, envy or even resentment was. Whether felt by me or directed at me, you can certainly feel it and when projected at you enough can cause a serious change in circumstance and not necessarily for the better. Where I come from, those claiming they were victims of the Evil Eye would report strange illness or ailments, unusual runs of “bad luck”, weird accidents and injuries that stand out as more bizarre or abnormal. Unpleasant synchronicities and a state of depletion that can affect any part of your life that is central to the core reason you have fallen victim to the Evil Eye.

Back in the day, you would need a photo, lock of hair, bodily fluids, body parts and or personal effect. Photos were a lot harder to obtain back then so the latter was chosen for ease.  I remember quite vividly hearing stories from our family hairdresser of people bribing him for a lock of a particular someone’s hair. Nowadays we needn’t take such drastic measures, although there are still practitioners out there that like to go that extra mile, for old times sake, you know how it is.  And now in this season of live videos which is offered across many popular social media platforms, it’s easier than ever to tap into an individuals energy stream. Energy and spirit can easily traverse electronic media. Have you ever cried in a movie? Been pumped up by a song? Inspired by Doco? ASMR has proved that you can cause a complete state of relaxation and braingasms through audio and visual triggers. Those who have ASMR know what I’m talking about.  With Energy and Spirit able to traverse social media quite easily, how does that affect you?

Our digital world has assisted us to open up our lives to the whole world for the purpose of feeling connected. And now that we are, we can see the side effects of this connection and associated digital exposure.  And with our economic state, take the increasing gap between lower, middle and upper class and many people are left in a state of want, our desires get way out of hand and the Evil Eye is once again flourishing, alive and well.  Now I sincerely hope that I have made some kind of sense here.

So today after making such intense realizations, I decided to brush up on my protective magick skills. It all came flooding back to me pretty quickly but I was indeed rusty. I found out very quickly just how pissed off I actually was in relation to my own run-in with the Evil Eye. Before long I had established a very humble outdoor altar and was in action mode whipping together what I had to create a sense of protection around me once again. I must have gotten lost in the moment as the sun soon began to set and I was banging my drum singing my heart out and reminding the neighbors once again that a Witch lives next door.

Sheilds up Witches, it’s high time we strengthened our understanding on Protective magick from a modern perspective. I don’t want to be a fear monger here but I do believe that information is power and that seeing things from all possible perspectives can be beneficial when making up one’s minds on things that hold genuine value.

If you have had a run in with the Evil Eye I would love for you to tell me your story.

Blessed be xo


6 thoughts on “The “Evil Eye” is alive and well.

  1. Patrick

    This is why I think we need to realise that western culture is not one culture. There is a latin branch, a slavic branch, and a… I am not sure the best term for the third. But the third includes places like North America, British Isles, Germany, Scandinavia, and Australia. Perhaps this third branch of western culture can be called the germanic branch.

    I am using Germanic, Latin, and Slavic to refer to language types and not race. All of these places have many racial types, all races all hair colors etc live in all these places. So I am using those terms to refer to language.

    The germanic branch of western culture is more sterilized, more mentally castrated, than the latin and slavic branches. This is why the folk customs in the nations that speak a germanic language have either been forgotten or have been “whitewashed” into a new age “happy talk”. And I like a lot of new age things and I sometimes call myself new age, I love the new age but a large section of the new age just has this whitewashed happy talk.

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  2. Phillip

    I really see a strong need for protection. I do visualization for shielding , LBRP, and prayers to Archangel Michael. I have gossiping neighbors, and I decided to put mirrors up, and just after that, I felt much more secure and could tune them out. What they are directing at me psychically definitely is not of good intent.

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