Witches Tools – make, buy, sell

FullSizeRenderThe tools of a  Witch’s is the stuff of legend. They have been written about, photographed, depicted in movies, encased in museum glass and replicated in various other way time and time again. But as with all things of beauty, curiosity and scrutiny, the tools of a Witch are now a matter for commerce. Whether you believe that the tools of a Witch should or should not be marketed and sold for a profit is neither here nor there, that decision is entirely up to you to make.

I do have quite a few tools of my craft. Some are lavish, ornate and inspired by a world I wish existed outside of my imagination. Others are simple, elegant and functional and others are made by my own hand. I am a big believer of… at the very least trying to make some, if not all of your tools. In my opinion, a little blood sweat and tears are part of a Witch’s craft and helps to deepen the bond between a Witch and their tools. Handmade tools are an extension of a Witch and during times of ritual and casting they each bring a synergy or “flow” into ritual space. So I try, I try with smudge fans, candles, deity representation, divination equipment etc. I am not a Smith so the knives and cauldron, metal snuffers and candle holders etc that I use in my craft are not made by me, a fact I hope to change one day in the future. And if I do go the goods and service route to acquire a tool, then I make absolute certain that ethics and practicality are at the forefront of that conscientious acquisition.


The ethical nature of my chosen tools are something that is extremely important to me. I like to care for both myself and my environment so I prefer that the tools which I am choosing to acquire are carefully chosen according to my own standard of ethics. I want to know that what I am buying is not reducing the power of local communities or ravaging natural environments thus reducing biodiversity. I want to know that the tools I am choosing to introduce into both my practice and my home are not going  to unknowingly introduce toxins into my home. What do I mean by this statement, well, a very simple example is that I know that certain plants or mineral matter are toxic in certain quantities, knowing this keeps the danger at bay. The same is not the case with a product such as candles made from paraffin wax. These candles are widely used because they are easily attainable and can be acquired in large quantities. Certain types of Paraffin candles can release toxic fumes when burned, a fact that is not made known to buyers. This is an example of a unknown or hidden toxin and there are many others that are just as tricky to spot so please do your research when buying. Researching before buying and choosing to purchase goods ethically are choices that contribute to making you a conscious consumer.


Choosing to buy local or handmade is how I like to go. I love platforms like Etsy for handmade goods. Yes Etsy has gone through a bit of an overhaul in the last few years which has seen mass marketed goods introduced to that once primarily indie platform BUT! there are still thousands of handmade products from talented people all over the world, still on Etsy  and selling up a storm. So how do I find these great sellers on Etsy when there are just so many to sift through. Well the first is Instagram. I have discovered a lot of my favourite sellers on IG. through IG I get to see the “behind the scenes” so to speak aspect of a seller, the passion they have and the trouble they go to to make their products look beautiful. The second way I hear about great sellers weather on Etsy or a .com is through You Tube and the plethora of haul and unboxing videos out there. For every community on You Tube there are those who like to do unboxings and haul type videos. Some love a good haul or unboxing and others do not. Either way, these individuals are providing you with a little look see, a sneak peak if you will. Then there is word of mouth, that speaks for itself  really. And lastly, is found objects, a skull, a snake skin, spring water, stone, shell. There are so many beautiful tools to be found in nature and you always remember your nature treasures.

have a magical day beautiful souls xo



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