My Spring Sensation ~ The Alice Tarot


Well beautiful souls, I finally went there, yep! That’s right! I’m, rocking the Alice Tarot by  Karen Mahoney and  Alex Ukolov  published by Baba Studios. It’s my Spring front runner and let me tell you, it’s taking me for a ride. Reaching for the Alice Tarot this aliceImbolc/Spring Equinox season was something that felt so right. Maybe it was the white rabbit, maybe the look and feel, either way I had been waiting for just the right time to really hook in and get to know this beautiful and somewhat illusive deck.

Before I go on and on about this deck I must once again thank the lovely Sunstone circle on Instagram who kindly gifted me this deck and in doing so freed up one of only two top spots on my always robust Tarot and Oracle Wishlist.


Now more about the Deck!

Firstly THE QUALITY! Oh my goodness, the beauty of this deck is anything but skin deep. It is a well crafted deck on beautiful thick card stock and my limited edition copy has gorgeous gold stamping on it which just makes the whole thing POP! And because my alice-4readings room is so light and airy, the sun always catches the metallic shimmer making THIS readers experience, all the more magical. I do love it when a deck maker goes that little extra mile to deliver something just that wee bit more special.

My first shuffle was a little funny, I felt a touch of nerves. Perhaps I let the expectation and hype of this deck get to me a bit. The nerves didn’t last long as I pushed them aside like the big girl I am and shuffled up a storm truly relishing the moment. Those first shuffles of a brand new (to you) deck are just priceless aren’t they! The cards felt good in my hand and they gifted  me with a super smooth shuffle and that is always a welcome treat.

I drew 4 cards for myself jalice-3ust to get a little taste. I actually got a lot more then I bargained for in that first shuffle. I took a seat because I thought that this first draw was something that I needed to pay attention to. So I did, buckling down to do  a little journaling and really look at each of the cards, taking in the details and comparing the info in the companion book to my first impressions. Toalice-2 my surprise almost an hour flew past in what felt like the blink of the eye and when I finally stepped back from my very first session with the Alice tarot, I not only felt incredibly excited but I had also done something that I haven’t done for close to ten years and that is to create a tarot spread…. not just one, but seven! I know right!

As for the deck, it’s an interesting and quasi comical read. It’s straight to the point, beautiful, well crafted and it has a cheeky smirk which is something I just LOVE! I can’t wait to spend more time with it and see what other mysteries it allows me to discover.

So there you have it, my quirky first impressions of the Alice Tarot. When I’m done getting to know this deck (a task that may take some time) I will be making a fun, probably lengthy You Tube Review on it, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Have an awesome day beautiful souls! And be sure to leave a comment telling me what deck is rocking your world this 2016 Spring/Autumn Season. Muuwah!

Avalon Cameron



One thought on “My Spring Sensation ~ The Alice Tarot

  1. Krislynner

    I have two decks currently rocking my world. One is a tarot deck and the other an oracle deck. The tarot deck is the Celtic Wisdom tarot. That deck is so evocative in terms of imagery. It has a wild feel and honest to the core. It feels quite witchy. The oracle deck I am loooooving right now is the Flower Reading deck by Cheralyn Darcey. What an amazing motherly gentle and quite honest deck. It’s energy is quite unlike any of my other decks and I find ,yield drawn to it daily.


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